WISE CAMPAIGN is an integrated public affairs and communication consultancy. We focus on public affairs issues, assisting clients in overcoming regulatory challenges. We formulate and implement advocacy and reputation management campaigns. We also manage stakeholder relationships.

WISE CAMPAIGN has substantial network of people, organizations and resources, focusing on various issues and different industries.

WISE CAMPAIGN provides communication advice and support to businesses and organizations in this increasingly complex environment.  WISE CAMPAIGN believes that successful businesses and organizations must grasp the relevant issues and navigate through the regulatory and political environment.


Our Vision and Mission

Vision: To achieve every campaign’s aim via the most focused theme and by the most efficient means

Mission: To formulate and deliver tailor-made program effectively for clients from various backgrounds and with unique needs.


WISE Approach

We see numerous public affairs programs without real impact and outcome. Our experience proves that an effective campaign consists of three core elements – the right issue, the right channel and the right strategy. We have experience in using our campaign instincts to help creating game-changing possibilities and solving problems. We are good at achieving this for various types of organizations and in various industries.  We embrace complexity and partner with the right agencies. These enable us to guide clients through a changing and challenging public affairs environment here.

We achieve success through creative and diverse thinking. We formulate our campaign strategies, informed by deep insights, analysis and a close understanding of stakeholder groups.

Every campaign is unique and tailor-made to suit clients’ objectives. We understand different clients might have unique needs – to improve reputations and bottom lines; to shape issues important to society and advocate for the interest of the community; to gain policy visibility; to give voice to those who may not be heard. We work together with clients to ensure that our work has impact, solves problems and creates opportunities.

To transfer skill and knowledge, we also provide training and coaching to our clients. Training sessions are all specifically designed and interactive, as we care what the recipients think. Training materials and examples are selected and designed specifically for every training. Through training, we hope to create sustainable momentum within the organizations.  We hope to lead the trainees to appreciate and anticipate key issues to the business, and formulate tactics and measures in response to them.